Simple purchases that help to save money

Simple tools that save money

There are many simple purchases that help to save money. Read the article, and find out the suggestions from Money Bear Club about expense minimizing tools.

What is the best way to save money? It’s investing money to grow wealth, and spending money in a way that minimizes expenses.  What is the best way to save money with simple purchases? It’s choosing purchases which help to avoid additional fees or expenses.

Many people ask themselves everyday “How can I save money?”. Maybe the question “How can I save money” should be reframed to “How can I grow my wealth“?

simple purchases that help to save money

Either way, the answer to this question is very complex. And it always starts with minimizing expenses. The purchases in this article are the necessary evil which help to minimize expenses.

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#1 Luggage scales

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Luggage scales are the perfect protection against incurring fees from excess baggage. Travellers who have the tendency to overpack, will get the most value out of luggage scales.

For the perfectionist travellers, luggage scales are an additional precaution against excess baggage weight fees. Check-in counters will never cause worries again with luggage scales.

Scales for luggage are compact and lightweight. They fit into the palm of a hand, and weight just a few hundred grams. These lightweight scales also require just one or two batteries.

Luggage scales are also very easy to control. Scales for luggage are controlled with just one button.

The operating process of luggage scales is simple. It just requires to press a button once (to turn on the scales), pass the strap of the scales through the handle, secure the strap, and pick up the luggage with the help of the scales. A few seconds will pass, and the electronic luggage scales will show an accurate reading of the weight of the luggage.

They are designed to measure the weight of any luggage unit with a handle. Yet, even if a traveller has a bag without a handle, it can be weighted by putting it into another bag with a handle (e.g. a grocery bag).

Thus, these luggage scales can be used for weighting shipping boxes, food in containers, and anything that can be put into a bag with a handle.

#2 Fabric shaver and lint remover

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One of the less common money-saving ideas is buying a fabric shaver (lint remover). A fabric shaver gets rid of the lint that accumulates on fabrics. This enhances the life cycle of clothing, and allows to buy clothes less often.

Money saving ideas often take unexpected forms. A lint remover is one of them. It makes clothes look even better, and extends their use time.

Fabric shavers are easy to operate, and don’t take up much space. They are powerful handheld devices, which help to avoid unnecessary purchases of clothing.

Lint on clothing makes it look unattractive and worn down. An unsuccessful washing session, can turn a new sweater, into one that looks like it has been worn for 20 continuous years. Hence, to avoid purchasing clothes often, a fabric shaver is a must have money-saving purchase.

Lint removers are also a great tool for people who own pets with fur. Pet fur easily sticks to clothes. Removing pet fur from clothes can be hard, especially if the clothes are made from natural or luxurious materials. A fabric shaver takes care of is this problem easily.

The shaver removes lint and fur without damaging the clothing material. It means that not only it saves money, but it also gets rid of the problem, without causing any additional ones.

#3 Home security camera

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One of the best money-saving tips is owning a reliable home security camera.

Why is a home security camera an easy way to save money? First off, it deters potential criminals. Criminals tend to attack houses and apartments, which don’t have security cameras. A robber will be less likely to rob a house, if they see that it has security cameras installed. Robbers will be less likely to rob a house with a security cameras, since they know that their faces will be captured on them.

Second, even if a house or an apartment gets burgled, the security camera would capture the robbers. This means that it would be easier for the police to identify the robbers, and to apprehend them. An easier identification of the robbers, would lead to a larger possibility of recovering valuables or money.

Aid, in performing the surveillance of living spaces of homeowners, is the main function of security cameras. Effective surveillance of strangers, can help to identify potential threats, and to take care of them before they become dangerous.

An easy way to save money on complicated security and surveillance systems? Installing a home security camera. A home security camera aids surveillance at a lower price than a surveillance or a security system.

A security camera is also a good way of keeping an eye on the younger members of the family, elderly who require extensive care, and any pets living outside.

#4 Grammar book

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After high school, and university writing courses, how many working professionals have touched up their knowledge of grammar? If the occupation requires it (e.g. journalists and editors), knowledge of grammar is continuously improved.

And for those in occupations, which do not directly deal with writing? Is improving the knowledge of grammar for them is not a waste of time? After all, it’s possible to look up any confusing word or phrase on the internet.

Yet, that’s not all there is to this question. Looking up confusing words or phrases wastes precious time. Time, which could be spent on better pursuits. Some questions related to writing rules and mistakes are rather obscure, and finding an answer from a professional, by using the internet, may be hard.

Moreover, better writing translates into a better impression of the writer. Even one typographic mistake can create a negative impression on the writer. A grammar or a punctuation mistake will be perceived even more negatively. Spell check helps to avoid the most obvious mistakes, but finding inconspicuous mistakes is up to the writer.

Finding inconspicuous mistakes becomes easier, when the writer has deep-seated knowledge about grammar and punctuation. The easiest way to acquire it, and entrench it into the subconscious? Regularly read materials related to the subject of writing, and the rules of it.

And what other material than grammar books, is the most direct way of accessing the knowledge related to the rules of writing?

#5 Data visualisation book

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Data visualisation, in the form of infographics, has taken the publishing, news, and business sectors by storm. For years, basic Excel graphs and just-better-than-basic graphs, dominated articles and blog posts. That changed when infographics, data visualisation, and storytelling through data became commonplace.

Now, almost every business, in some way or another, has to deal with data visualisation. From investor presentations to copywriting, businesses are deeply affected by how well they present data.

The costs of hiring graphic designers or infographics makers have also gone up. In the mid-00’s, graphics designers were one of the lowest paid professionals associated with art. Nowadays, an experienced graphics designer can earn as much as $46,000 on average.

Hence, learning data visualisation methods and storytelling through data, can not only save money for a business, but also boost a resume of a job seeker.

Employees with experience in making infographics are in demand. Thus, job seekers can learn the skills related to data visualisation. These skills will help to have a better resume. And a better resume may improve their probability of getting hired.

Knowing how to tell stories through data, can even be the factor, which helps to negotiate a bigger salary for the future employee.

For new businesses, proper, and well-thought-out data visualisation, can mean the difference between succeeding and failing. To avoid spending money on the services of a graphics designer, the business founder(s) can, instead, learn how to tell stories through data. Learning this skill can be done at a low cost – just by reading books related to data visualisation.

#6 Large warm scarf

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Wearing a large warm scarf seems to have gone out of fashion in the last few years. Yet, warm scarves can be a purchase, which saves the owner money, as time goes on.

The main benefit of owning a large scarf, is its ability to elevate any outfit to a higher level. For men, a large scarf will create an aura of sophistication and elegance. For women, a large warm scarf can create an effect of elegance and warmth. Thus, without spending additional money on elegant or sophisticated clothes, a person can just buy one large scarf. That’s an easy way to save money on clothing.

A large warm scarf also acts as a protector against the cold. Sometimes people experience the need for just a little additional warmth. The need is not big enough to warrant wearing another piece of clothing, but just big enough to want to seek out warmth. For those times, a large warm scarf will offer enough warmth. Also, it won’t make the person wearing it feel hot.

Large scarves are a perfect purchase (or a gift) for frequent travellers. Air planes tend to get cold, and a warm scarf can double as a blanket, instead of a fashion accessory.

#7 Thermal undershirt

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A thermal undershirt is the perfect clothing item for staying warm and dry in cold weather.

The main function of a thermal undershirt is protecting the wearer from cold weather. Thermal undershirts are commonly made from natural materials (e.g. wool). Natural materials are great at keeping warmth. Even at very low temperatures! After all, in old times, people managed to stay warm without synthetic materials. They just used the natural materials they had access to.

Thermal undershirts also function as sweat-absorbing clothes. A sweaty body, in a cold weather, directly translates into spending at least a few days feeling ill. Hence, wearing a thermal undershirt, will help to avoid the unpleasant consequences of heavy sweating, especially, when the weather turns cold.

Thermal undershirts, because of their ability to keep the wearer warm, and to absorb sweat, are a great purchase for people engaging in sports activities in colder temperatures.  Wearing a thermal undershirt, can help to avoid the costs associated with illnesses caused by the cold weather.

#8 Portable jump starter

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A portable jump starter is the best way to save money and time for car owners. Portable jump starters minimize the time it takes to emergency-start a car.

A car owner with a portable jump starter, will never have to worry about flagging down another car, just to start their own.

Portable jump starters also eliminate the outcome of having to call a car towing service, in the event of loss of power. That service can be expensive, and a portable starter ensures that it won’t be used, unless in cases of non-electric emergencies.

In the event of an emergency, a portable jump starter, can be used to charge any device with a USB connection. That’s because portable jump starters often come with USB connection outputs. Therefore, a portable starter, is not only a device used to power a car. It also can be used to power any device with a USB connection. A portable jump starter can come in handy, when there is a need to power a cellphone or a GPS device.

Portable jump starters are also equipped with integrated flash lights. In an event, when a car loses power in an unlit place, the flash light can be used to find the places, where the cables should be connected.

A guaranteed operating light source in the form of a jump starter? The best way to save money on an additional flash light for a car.

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