Merry Christmas to the readers!

Money Bear Club wishes Merry Christmas to its readers. In just a few months, the website for unconventional angles in investing, budgeting, and savings went from another unknown website on the internet, to one which has seen fast growth and development!

This would have been impossible without the readers of Money Bear Club. The readers and the followers, are the reason why this website continues to exist. Without you, unconventional angles wouldn’t get explored.

That’s why Money Bear Club wants to thank its readers and give them a present.

Money Bear Club, as a Christmas present:

  1. Will start releasing at least 2 posts per week;
  2. Will create a video series;
  3. Will develop its Patreon content.

Money Bear Club would also like to hear the opinions of its readers. What topics would you like the website to explore more? Is there a post you particularly liked? If yes, why? Do you have suggestions for the improvement of the website? Is the new design better than the older one?

Please reply in the comments.

And once again, Merry Christmas!

christmas tree and merry christmas

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