Guest Posts and Content

Direction of guest posting

Individuals working in business know how much creative and unconventional solutions can contribute to the success of a product, or the whole company.

Guest posting today, especially in the sphere of finance and investing, is moving towards greater conventionally. In some areas it is needed (such as payments for the posts).

In others, the unknown directions and reputation of websites publishing guest posts, is in a very conventional movement. More specifically, one towards disorder, because of fleeting goals and strategies.

Can guest posting and content marketing be different?

Why Money Bear Club is different

money bear club guest post
Our mascot isn’t the only defining characteristic.

Unconventional approach to investing, savings, and fintech; also follows in Money Bear Club’s support to its partners.

Money Bear Club values its own reputation and trust of the readers. Along with it, the reputation and image of businesses partnering with us. The Club has chosen to pursue lower short-term gains, in place of more valuable long-term relationships.

Growth is also central to Money Bear Club’s vision. The Club looks not only for opportunities for the growth of the website, but also for the growth for its partners.

For the past 10 months in 2019, on average, the number of visitors visiting, has grown by 17% each month.

Money Bear Club’s partners benefited from the growth achieved in the readership. The benefits were not only direct (more readers saw their products), but also indirect.

Indirect benefits to our partners came from Money Bear Club’s chosen strategy for partnership maximization.

Additional promotions on social media channels, customized promotions, and in-page marketing created additional value to businesses working with Money Bear Club. Constant attention and fine-tuning of the finished product, coupled with growth in readership, engagement, and rankings; has contributed to attractive achievements to both sides.

Value and price

Money Bear Club offers two guest posting options for interested businesses:

  1. Temporary posts;
  2. Permanent posts.

Temporary posts are great for businesses looking to go viral with their new product, create a short-term burst of popularity, or for publishing their PR releases.

Once the price is set for the guest post, the content is released, and remains for the set negotiated period of time. A temporary post requires only one payment.

Permanent posts are the option most businesses choose. They offer better visibility on search engine rankings, and permanent backlinks. A permanent post allows to instil greater confidence in potential business clients doing research.

Paying for permanent posts is simple. The business can choose for how long, and what materials will be displayed on the website. Monthly recurring payments are set up, and as long as they are paid, the post remains on Money Bear Club’s website.

A business looking to partner with Money Bear Club can  freely choose the option for the value they are looking to gain.


10% discount is offered to businesses with affiliate or referral programmes.

20% discount is offered to businesses booking two (2) or more times.


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