Money Bear Club¬†was launched in August of 2018 under the domain of “moneybearclub.wordpress.com”. Since its inception, Money Bear Club has helped people to save, budget, and gain knowledge about investing.

The Money Bear is the mascot of the site. His name is Harley, and more than eating honey, he likes helping others to save their money. After all, our slogan is “Money Honey for you!”.

Money Bear Club believes that alternative angles and new ways of thinking are important when building wealth and minimizing expenses. The Club’s articles strive to analyse the unexpected and the unknown in the world of finance and economics.

The readers of this site make it all possible and worthwhile. Without you, Money Bear Club wouldn’t exist! Sincere thanks to all of the readers.

Join Money Bear Club and its readers on a road to smart management and unexpected workarounds!

-Money Bear Club, 2018