Important request to Money Bear Club’s readers and followers

Good morning/afternoon/evening!

Soon this website about unconventional perspectives in investing, budgeting, and saving money, will reach the one year mark.

Money Bear Club is a completely free website. It doesn’t stop visitors with enabled Ad-blockers from reading the articles. Nor does it have a limited number of free articles, as some news and personal finance websites do.

Money Bear Club provides its readers and followers with completely free, well-researched, and high value articles about investing, budgeting and saving money.

For the website to continue operating, at least the hosting fee ($96), has to be paid. Money Bear Club believes that all donations should be voluntary. Hence, readers won’t see 10 paragraphs on why donating money to Money Bear Club is the best thing a person can do (maybe it really is?).

Instead, Money Bear Club asks all of its readers and followers to share your favourite article from this website, to your preferred social media account or to your email contacts. This action would really help to keep this site running, and it would also provide value to the sharer’s social media followers or email contacts.

Of course, donating to keep this site operating also would help.

Hoping saving and investing money goes well,

Money Bear Club.

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