How to have the best winter holidays

Winter holidays essentials

We all know to load up on cheer and warm clothes for winter holidays. However, to have the best winter holidays, simple advice may come in handy.

On hotels

Hotels further away from the city centre but close to transport lines are the best choice. They are cheaper and often located in quieter places compared to hotels in the city centre. Also, every trip to the city centre or other places will offer free sightseeing of the city.
If you’re travelling to a place where it will be snowing, seeing a city covered in snow from a tram or a bus window will be a wonderful experience. For those travelling to tropical places, seeing lush greenery when travelling from your hotel will be a great experience.

Using referrals for hotel booking will certainly make the travellers’ wallets happy. Referral codes help to save both on hotel costs and on other amenities needed for a great holiday. Be sure to check out more than one website for referral codes. Also, you can save money by sharing your own referral codes on social media with your friends. That way not only you, but also your friends will save money on hotels and other amenities.

Booking as early as possible is really important for winter holidays. Hotel rooms for winter holiday destinations are gone quickly because winter holidays boast many major religious celebrations. So don’t be surprised if your plan to book a hotel room for Christmas in November doesn’t go over very well.

Booking a flight and a hotel simultaneously can be an easy way to free up your load of responsibilities. Tour operators offering flight and hotel deals take care of transfers from the airport to the hotel and vice versa. Moreover, they often offer direct flights to places where there aren’t direct flights to from your chosen airport.

Another interpretation of booking a flight and a hotel simultaneously is to use links and bonuses from your chosen airline to book a hotel. Links for deals on hotels are often shown during the flight booking process or after finishing the booking. If you’re a frequent flyer, don’t forget to use hotel booking as an opportunity to earn more miles. Frequent flyer cards also offer great deals on hotels. Those deals are often in the 10% to 15% discount range, but they still are better than paying the full price.

On food and drinks

Local stores and local foods should be every traveller’s goal on holidays. A comfort meal or two on holidays won’t spoil the whole holiday, but not eating local foods means you won’t get the full experience. Of course, not all local foods may be agreeable with your stomach. However, tourists only eating foods they are accustomed to, miss out on potential new favourite foods and new tastes.

Feeling like a local and saving money? That’s the best deal you can get! Local shops and street markets always offer cheaper prices on food than hotels or restaurants. And that’s the closest way to actually experience the local life without being a local. Although food in restaurants can be locally grown and made from recipes resembling local food, they still won’t capture the exact menu of the locals.

Don’t hesitate to ask advice from hotel reception staff and the concierge – they’re there to help you! It’s part of their job to give advice to guests on the best restaurant and cafes. They are required to know the city in and out, hence they can offer recommendations for even the most difficult requests.

Thermos is your friend – for those travelling to colder places, a thermos is a must-have. What can be better than a snowy morning in the destination of your choice and a warm cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa? Preparing drinks for your thermos can be done in a hotel room if it is equipped with an electric kettle. If your hotel room doesn’t have an electric kettle, coffee makers in the restaurant of hotels come with the capabilities to serve tea and cocoa, too.

On experiences

Saving money on winter holidays and experiences.
Saving money on experiences and winter holidays. Copyright: Money Bear Club.

Tickets and coupons from booking apps are still largely unknown to many. And this is making travellers miss out on opportunities to save money and time. These tickets are time savers as they offer the ability to book experiences directly from your smart phone. And coupons offered on booking apps feature not so small discounts on popular tourist attractions.

How to get coupons and tickets from booking apps? After you book the hotel of your choice, you should get an email with a link to a website. That website will contain many coupons and tickets to the most popular tourist attractions in the location where your hotel will be. Book at least a day before, or else you risk having to see a “Sold out” message on the attraction you wanted to visit.

Vouchers in hotels. Vouchers in hotels are a largely forgotten, and for some, an unknown way to save money on dining and entertainment. They are placed close to the reception desk, and offer discounts on spas, restaurants and excursions. Because they are now a largely forgotten opportunity to save money on holidays, vouchers in hotels can potentially have the best discounts you can get.

AtlasObscura is probably the best source for obscure places for tourists to visit. If you’re looking to see attractions that are seen by very few tourists, use this guide.

It’s better to be warm than cold, yet prepare to get sweaty on your holidays in the winter. If you’re travelling to a cold location, it’s only logical to pack warm clothes and suitable outerwear. Although warm clothes take up significant amounts of space in your luggage, taking them with you is better than freezing in the cold weather.

Few travellers forget to bring weather-appropriate clothing. Many, however, forget to factor in the walking and sightseeing they will be doing. Any physical exercise means increased sweating. And not many winter clothes come with sweat-absorbing capabilities. Hence, it’s important to pack clothes that won’t leave you wet in the cold weather. If tourists don’t take care of that, they will have an uncomfortable experience and risk getting sick. And getting sick on holidays means losing money you spent to get there.

As for warm places, less is more. There really is no need to overpack and bring 5 sweaters. For colder evenings, a sweater or two will suffice. If you aren’t sure about what clothes to bring, check out the weather forecast for your travel destination two or three days before the trip. The later you check, the more accurate the weather prediction will be, but you will have less time to pack.

Tourist traps are worth it in the winter. Fewer tourists travel in the winter months. This means that the tourist traps, which were overwhelmed with tourists in the summer months, are largely free from them in the winter. Moreover, city municipalities in the Northern hemisphere often install skating rinks, Christmas markets and other attractions near tourist traps during the winter months. These attractions and tourist traps often are close to one another, so not having to travel large distances to reach them is another win! This rule doesn’t apply to destinations only operating during the winter season.

Take advantage of post-Christmas sales. Post-Christmas sales offer the largest discounts and don’t attract many shoppers. Therefore, you will enjoy the biggest savings and stores that aren’t full of other sales chasers.

The best deal

There are thousands of websites and millions of articles that help tourists save money and enjoy their holidays to the fullest. Nevertheless, applying every advice and life hack there is, can be overwhelming and time-consuming. It’s important to remember that saving the energy you were going to use to save money can be more valuable than actually saving money.
And nothing beats serenity you feel when you leave your worries about the perfect holiday behind, and just take in your holiday destination at your own pace.

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